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  • 22nd Nov 2012, £3.59
  • 20th Dec 2012, $3.99
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    Pix 'n' mix

    Block puzzlers: the genre that keeps on giving. Just when you think all the possibilities of the humble square have been exhausted, along comes another game to prove just how wrong you are. PIX3D combines cuboids and pixel art in a retro love-in that's fun, despite a general lack of challenge in its main mode. PIX3D's concept is both...

About The Game

PIX3D - the best pix puzzler on the planet!

Navigate through the pixels to discover the picture hiding behind every level. Battle against time for the best results. Prove yourself as a skilled professional in the ultimately challenging EXTREME mode, which unlocks itself...when you're ready for it...

One thousand levels, 3 different game modes. Battle against time and get the highest score in the greatly-addictive pix puzzle game - PIX3D. With finely-tuned controls, using the stylus or Circle Pad, simple but amazing graphics and retro 8-bit music, the game introduces us to its unique world. Enjoy three different modes, fight against time and show the world how PIX3D you are!