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Tom Create
Tom Create


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User Ratings: 9

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Single Player
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  • 9th Oct 2014, $2.99
  • 23rd Jul 2015, £1.79
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Ninja Battle Heroes Screenshot
Ninja Battle Heroes Screenshot
Ninja Battle Heroes Screenshot
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    Kawaii katana

    Tom Create, known for its contributions to the DSiWare GO Series, as well as games dating back to the Super Famicom era, has created a little gem in Ninja Battle Heroes, an action brawler bursting with adorable personality and surprisingly deep gameplay. Despite a generic title that describes little about the experience other than that...

About The Game

Fight through enemies with katanas and throwing stars, absorb Spirit and summon powerful legendary heroes!

Grab your katana and a ninja throwing stars and embark on a journey that will take you across Japan in your mission to find the missing Yukimura and his Beast Brigade!

Use your katana to slash through enemies coming at you front and back as you make your way through cities, forests and across water falls. Take out enemies in the distance with ninja throwing stars before they shoot or charge towards you.

Absorb Spirit from each enemy you defeat and use it to summon powerful heroes that you've rescued on your journey. Make use of their powers including firewalls, ice pillars, cyclones, quakes and even flight as you come face to face with greater and greater foes on your journey to find the missing Beast Brigade!