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So when did they disable the way to transfer a Mii from Wii to Wii using your controller?

My friend bought a Wii so he could play Mario Party, so I thought I would copy my Mii to his, but couldnt find the option on my Wii U, has it been disabled?

Will it work if i Load up my old Wii?


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Using the remote storage to transfer to the virtual wii on wii u I'm not sure, but I do know that you had to do a key button shortcut to be able to transfer to the 3ds from the mii channel.
As for transferring a mii to the wii u mii channel (not the wii within the wii u) first you'll need to transfer it from your wii to a 3ds then export as a qr code and import to the wii u using the 3ds to wii u feature using a qr code (or you may be able to transfer wirelessly from 3ds to wii u)

Hope that helps!



Thinking about it, any transferred mii can't be edited and has white trousers (or blue) so depending you may find it easier to just re create it



The Wiimote transfer feature only works on original Wii consoles. I remember trying and discovering this back in 2013 when I first got my Wii U.


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