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I have a Rocketfish component cable for my Wii, Does this provide the optimum picture quality ? or Should I buy an HDMI adapter/converter ?

I also have an unbranded component cable , how does it compare with the Rocketfish cable ?



I have the official component cables and these allow you to play with the best image quality (the Wii can only output 480p max). I have got one of those off brand hdmi adapters and while it works, the colour is all off (it is too dark to read text on Legend of Zelda on the virtual console).

I would assume that the best way get a better image out of the Wii is to use the component cables into an upscaler of some sort. I can’t imagine the picture will improve much as the Wii is standard definition only.

The alternative is to get a Wii U. This plays all Wii discs and whilst still at the native resolution it does run through hdmi and cleans the image up a bit too.

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Unlike the GameCube, where the digital output allows for lossless conversion - albeit with rather expensive hardware - the component output is the best that the Wii has. If you can hook that straight up to your TV, use it.

Only if your TV is incapable of using it should you look into HDMI solutions, and you really want to be avoiding the cheap ones because they will degrade the picture quality, introduce latency, or quite possibly both.

Something like the OSSC or the RetroTink 2X-Multiformat will do the job. However, you could probably get a second hand Wii U for the same money, so that's definitely an option too.


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