Topic: The Graphics and Sound of Retro Systems.

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Well, The Fox brings up an interesting point about how retail games are more "do or die" for the companies these days because of the budgets of these titles. Yes, there is merit in that argument.

However, digital downloads flood the market with new games at a rate that's never been seen before and also are done in very old school way: small teams, small budgets, and absoulte creative freedom. So that kind of diffuses part of your argument too!

Like Shakespeare, I don't think Shigeru Miyamotoes necessarily grow on trees! True, the future of gaming has yet to be programmed, and there will be amazing games and amazing talent. However, will they surpass the legends and masterpieces from this field? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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Well my first console was a N64, but I thought the GBA was pretty retro and cool. And I never had one, only backwards compatibility on the DS.


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