Topic: Super Smash Bro gamecube controller won't work on wii

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My son bought a Super Smash Bro gamecube controller to play on his Classic Wii console. The gamecube controller has a usb only. He plugged it in to the USB port in the Classic Wii console. He used the Wii remote to get on to the game and the home button lit on on the gamecube controller but nothing worked.

What is he doing wrong? Does the gamecube controller (with USB connector only) work on the Classic Wii console??



Nope. The gamecube controllers will only work if it has the correct plug, and goes into the large circle-like ports at the top. That controller is meant for Switch, or maybe PC. I'm not sure.

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@MsMonny That controller was not made by Nintendo. The only wired GameCube controllers they make have a GameCube controller plug at the end. While it may be compatible with the Switch, controllers like that are not compatible with Wii or Wii U. The Wii's USB ports are for very specific accessories, such as a USB keyboard



Thanks everyone! Looks like he is going to have to save up for the Switch. I am sure he can wait.



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