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I'm trying to unlock Shadow, but can't get past the part where you have to score 4000 points while avoiding the robots shooting at you.

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What's the question exactly?



i think hes trying to ask what do you do. umm, not suck maybe??


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Sell it, that's what he should do. Yuk!



This took me a while, personally. Obviously, don't just stand there in the center. Keep moving around and watch where the robots are aiming. Sometimes when they all stop shooting for a second and take a break that's a sign they'll be shooting the mines faster and more frequently. So at that point it might be a good idea to stop for a second, then when they start shooting at you, they'll fire the mines in the area you were standing (in theory) while you continue moving.

It's kinda hard to develop a strategy here but give that a try. I haven't played the Career Mode in a long time since I AAA'd all missions and beat the whole thing 100% (which, admittedly, is not easy to do).

And for the record, SST is a great game.



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