Topic: Replacement DVD Drive that will play GC discs?

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Hey All,

My Wii's dvd drive crapped out recently and I'd like to replace it with one that will play GameCube discs, if possible. I've been searching around the web, eBay, and Amazon and found a bunch of confusing information. Can anyone here shed some light on the part I might need? If it helps, my model and first portion of the serial are below. TIA.

Model RVL-001, S/N: LU3051XXXXX



@dchrist21 Wouldn't it just be easier to pick up a used Wii?

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Yup, just get a new (used) Wii. I don't think there's a big market that deals in used GCN-compatible disc drives.



Does anybody know if the Family Edition disc drives still support GC discs? Or did they change the drive too?



Used Wiis are so dirt cheap that it's not worth it. You just need to get one with the Gamecube controller ports.

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