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I will write this in English, even though it is not my native language, I NEED HELP TO CREATE A THEME FOR Cfg USB Loader, I need to create a theme, or someone who creates 3 themes for wii, for the Cfg USB Loader program, I have tried a thousand ways, changing the name, replacing data from other themes, I am not professional at all, I would be very grateful if someone could help me create a topic, someone who knows about the topic and that program, I want to create a topic to surprise my girlfriend, It would be a subject of some photos with her, moments that we have made in quarantine, in a few months we will see each other, she lives far away, and I wanted to surprise her with this, some games that she likes very much, Custom themes from us, with music that she likes, and the only program that worked for me was Cfg USB Loader, but I have not been able to create the theme, much less find a program that works for me help, PLEASE I NEED HELP



@Dafux I think you should go to reddit for this kind of help.

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