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Hey I'm loving Lords of Thunder, but I'm missin' on the multiplayer. What are the good multiplayer shmups on VC?

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You need to get Gunstar Heroes!!! If you get it on psn ,i think you can play online. It was available on VC first.

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Contra 3 and Super Contra are fantastic Schmups on VC.

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Top-down-view co-op shmup: GAIN GROUND

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If you want shoot em ups and not run n guns, your only options are:

Life Force (NES) -- extremely hard game.
Detana Twinbee (TG) -- very cutesy, fun game.
Gyrostarr (WW) -- bland, almost decent four-player game.

Unfortunately, I don't think there are any others. There is fortunately a bit better selection of run n guns, some of the best of which have already been named. I'd add to that list Metal Slug and Super C.

EDIT: I somehow never heard of Gain Ground before. Possibly due the completely uninteresting title. Doesn't look that bad.

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you talking shumpz? Lifeforce is as legit as it can be but make sure you know the konomi code for it (actually isn't it the konomi code backward or something?) Detana Twinbee is my favorite multiplayer shooter on the vc. yeah its a cute em up but so it might not be like Lords Of Thunder (great game by the way, you should be sure to pick of Gates of Thunder if you havent yet). This might be stretching it alittle rec'ing a disc release in the VC forum...buuuut...check Castle Of Shikigami III. it's multiplayer is so much fun! their is 10 different charecters with different story arcs when you combine any two.

@Adam i have not played gyrostarr but i always flirted with getting it. So you say its bland and almost decent? not highly recomended than huh?

EDIT: Gain Ground= the shit. i could never get anyone to play it with me cause my friends clowned on it so i cant talk of a multiplayer....but i love playing it by myself lol....

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No run n' gun. I've already beaten Gunstar Heroes. haha

I love Gyrostarr actually. I'll look into Twinbee and Gain Ground. I don't care if it's cutesy.

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