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When I got my Wii U, I accidentally moved the N64 games I had downloaded to my Wii U. I can't play them because the Wii U doesn't have the right controller ports. Is there a way I can move them back to my Wii? I put them on an SD card and put it in the Wii, but it says they can't be launched our moved to the console. Please help! I really want to play them again!



I don't think there's a way to transfer it back, (you're only able to transfer all data on a console at a time to another device, and the Wii wouldn't be able to play most of the software) but if you were playing with Classic Controllers, you should still be able to use those on your Wii U. Maybe you were using Gamecube controllers before? If that's the case, you gotta go find some Classic Controllers for sale.

Freeon-Leon wrote:

Why don't you use the Gamepad to play them?

The Gamepad's buttons don't work in Wii Mode, do they? Unless there was an update that has happened since. Last time I used Wii Mode, you could only use the Gamepad's screen and sensor bar.

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@Cyanide_smiles: Nope you can't transfer individual stuff from the Wii to the Wii U, it's all or nothing. Only thing is you can use the Classic controller on the Wii U. If you were using the Gamecube controllers they have Classic controllers that are Gamecube controllers that plug into the Wiimote.

Either that or rebuy the N64 games on the Wii.

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@Nicolai: I'm sorry, I forgot there's a lot of N64 games that aren't currently available on the Wii U.

I recommend using a hori classic controller pro, it's the closest you'll be from using a real Gamecube controller.

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You can use the third party controllers that are shaped like Gamecube controllers

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Nicolai wrote:

The Gamepad's buttons don't work in Wii Mode, do they?

They do, but only for Xenoblade Chronicles. And they work for all the N64 VC releases on Wii U (like Mario 64, Zelda OoT, Wave Race 64, 1080° Snowboarding etc).
So if I'm getting this right, @Cyanide_smiles should be able to play the N64 VC (they get converted into VC games after the transfer, right?) games with the Wii U Gamepad.
It's pretty easy to find out (I never transferred anything): If the N64 games are found in the Wii U menu, they work with the Wii U gamepad. But if you have to boot the vWii mode, they don't work with the Gamepad.

In any case, I'd suggest buying a classic controller pro or - if you prefer the GC design - a third party GC-shaped classic controller pro as @TingLz suggested. But if I were you, I would go with the original Nintendo hardware (classic controller pro), because you never know if third party peripherals work properly or not. I had lots of trouble with them.

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