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Is it selling well? I think I got the last available copy when I went to get it...



I just bought my copy of Klonoa today and I absolutely LOVE this game!!! I went to Walmart first and tried to buy it but when they rung it up the register they said it's still street-dated for May 5th so they could not sell it to me. I was disappointed but afterwards I found it at GameStop and bought it there! YAY, I love happy endings!
Please buy this game people!!! This is one of the BEST games on Wii and its ONLY $29.99!!! You won't regret it!



I got mine this afternoon as well. Maybe I'll have time to play it tomorrow. Too much to do today.

Plain old gamer :)


I didn't even know it was out already. The rental stores here don't get anything.

Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.


I will definitely be getting this, but I've just started playing Klonoa 2!


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