Topic: Is Sega games best on the VC?

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boomface123 wrote:

why ask now here is a little question the people with sonic or mario dk zelda kirby f zero yoshi 1080 pokemon star fox

I have no idea what you mean, but if you're comparing a lot of Nintendo franchises to one Sega franchise then that's hardly a fair comparison, is it?

For example, Nintendo have never created anything with half the depth of the Virtua Fighter series, or a proper driving game anywhere near as good as Daytona USA or Sega Rally. If we're going to compare, let's compare properly at least.


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Only Mega Drive game I've bought on the VC is Streets of Rage 2. The selection is good but most of the best games (Sonic, Ristar) have been released on compilation disks before. Also, what is with them not reducing the prices to compete with PSN? The compilation disks are the reason I'm not buying Neo Geo stuff right now either, you can grab SNK classics collection for £10 with a ton of good games on it, and Samurai Shodown Anthology is also coming out sometime in the future.

It's a difficult choice, but if you can find the games you want on comp disk, they're usually cheaper.

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