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It is the year 2017. And GoldenEye Multiplayer, despite much confusion
about whether it is extinct or not, is still up and running. I have played almost every day it for the past four months. most of the time you can find a Team Conflict game on your first attempt. Also Conflict games are quite common. Heroes was very popular last year, but I have not been in many this year. I am of the opinion that GoldenEye is even more fun now than in 2012, because there are better players, and less noob tubers, and the low level players can always take guns from level 56s. About 70% of all people that play now are level 56. If you are a low level, and think the level 56s are being mean by beating you every round, you should realise that a skilled player would be able to beat most of them with a level
1 account, with out using the hated tube. Everyone is able to use the same guns, because of the level 56 guns that are all over the ground after a while, which makes the only difference the skill level. Another confusing thing is that apparently there are a bazillion hackers in Europe, and that if they have so many, than America must have a lot too. This is not true. In fact, you could count the number of hackers in America on one hand. And one of them, SOXS El Rey, is actually very entertaining to play with. There are a few cheaters, But the skilled players can beat them to a pulp. If you are a skilled low level player, you can get to a higher rank very fast, Even without xp lobbies, because a lot of the level 56s used xp lobbies to get maxed weapons, but, either they have very low sensitivity remotes, or they are just not very good players, because I was able to beat a lot of them with just the base loadouts. The reason I am still play is that I find getting headshots with the "Wolfe" very satisfying. GoldenEye Wii, then, is a very amusing game, there are much better games around, but this is my favorite, and I would recommend you play it. If you want to exchange friend codes go to the GoldenEye 007 Message Board for Wii GameFAQs. My name there is BamBoOzeLeR and I would like to add you to my rapidly growing list of friends.

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