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Hi guys, Im new to this, but I have just bought a wii for me and my girlfriend to play on and I want to homebrew it so that we can download games and play of my HDD.

Every website and video I see says it needs to be on version 4.3E and the wii is on 3.4E so I need to update.

I have the wii connected to Ethernet and passes the connection test, then when updating it gives me the Error Code 32007, how can I update the wii.


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I new to this


I'm hearing the Wii Shop (what remained of the Wii's online services) has been down for months now?

I know it was already officially down for regular service since 2019, but I'd imagine if it's no longer possible to redownload purchased games, that would probably affect the ability to download updates.

But I think Wii disc games were distributed with the appropriate update included.
I just remember that from, many years ago, when Brawl was new, going to a friend of a friend's college dorm party and after several failed attempts to connect online it installed off the disc.

So I guess you'd have to buy an appropriately late-ish game and try to play it, and see if it updates off the disc. (see if it nags to update before playing)
I know that's not a very clear answer.
I do recall 4.3 being the last version for quite awhile in the Wii's lifespan.
Would the Nintendo Selects games be late enough, I can't remember? I don't think they'd be 1:1 copies of the original games, down to the Update data?
Might be worth a shot if you can find something cheap enough.

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