Topic: 4000 Wii Points- What Should I Get?

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I've generated a wish list and can't decide what to buy. I'm looking for fun experience with high replay value. Any advice? Thanks for helping out in advance!

Alien Crush
FFCC: My Life as a King
The Adventures of Lolo 2
FFCC: My Life as a Darklord DLC- Extra World Map
Majora's Mask
NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
Shining Force
Startropics 2
Bonk's Revenge
Adventure Island (TG-16)

Any other suggestions?

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Hmm, lots of good stuff on this list. My other suggestions would be World of Goo (a fantastic puzzle adventure), Toki Tori (a mind-bending puzzler), and Water Warfare (a great online, kid-friendly shooter). Majora's Mask is an excellent and frustrating game, NyxQuest is beautiful, relaxed, and enjoyable, and if you think you'd enjoy any of the others on that list, go for it. Just know that I highly, highly recommend World of Goo (1,500 points) and NyxQuest (1,000 points).

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Go with Majora's Mask!
But i haven't tried Startropics yet, but it looks like a great game, you should go for it!



I have Water Warfare and its great! I am a bit skeptical about Majora's Mask, because after beating it I find no reason to keep playing. I know this because I own Ocarina of Time, another 3-D Zelda title. Thanks for the help, though!



I would say at least use 2,000 pts. on Majora's Mask and NyxQuest. After you play through those, spend the other 2,000, maybe we will get some really good titles in the next couple of weeks.

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