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HarmoKnight wrote:

Silly people the 3DS isn't just a DS with 3D, can you download retail games on your DSi? (except electroplankton, planet puzzle league, clubhouse, and true swing golf) can you put that white Cart into your DSi? Can you download pushmo on your DSi? Can you have friend codes on your DSi? Can you have StreetPass on DSi? You get my point, and I think I might show people who get them confused what's what

Friend codes aren't exactly a good thing..

Friend codes, no. Friend CODE, yes.

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I know a few young couples who are planning to buy a Wii U this Christmas. Honestly I was surprised they knew about it already. my pants.


The response from a lot of my friends is very positive One of my friends is down for one at launch, and some I know are definitely on the side of strongly considering getting one on launch or soon thereafter



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skywake wrote:

It's raining cats and dogs
He's not the sharpest tool in the shed
He's got a few screws lose
It's so cold you could freeze the balls off a brass monkey
He kicked the bucket
He fell off his perch
Beyond the black stump
at the back of Bourke
In the middle of nowhere
If hell freezes over
If pigs fly
It'll be Christmas before this traffic clears up

......... suggestion, don't ever come to Australia. You won't last a day.

About half of those are just metaphors and not hyperbole...

I didn't say they were I was simply responding to this

Void wrote:

If it's not true, why state it at all then?..

I said this was hyperbole: "every man and his dog has a smartphone or tablet within arms length"
........ which it is.... and Void responded to it literally...

None of the figures of speech I pointed out are meant to be taken literally. That was my point and I'm not sure how I could have been clearer.

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RR529 wrote:

As for my friends, they have either "grown out" of gaming, or are just into CoD (not that that's a bad thing, but they're content with their PS3/360s, so Wii U isn't even on their radar).

That's happened to most of my friends too... Sigh... At least we still see the light, and appreciate good gaming!

Well it's funny this thread should come up as just today I was having a (heated) conversation with one of my friends about the Wii U. He is a Nintendo fan, to say the least. He is OBSESSED with Pokemon, and has obsessively played his Wii. However, he said that the Wii U is STUPID, and it's a waste of money if someone buys it, and he doesn't care about it. Then I said that SMBU is coming at launch (and I though he would care about this, as he 100% NSMBWii), and he just responded saying: "I don't even care!"

It really annoyed me that no one cares about the Wii U, and that's entirely Nintendo's fault. They need to come out with a clear, strong advertising campaign NOW, to get people to care about the Wii U, or a lot of current Wii owners will be uneducated and think: "meh, I've already got a Wii, why would I get that?". Nintendo needs to get things straight, and tell the public that the Wii U is a new piece of technology that has some new, innovative gameplay experiences, and it's even more fun than the Wii. Nintendo is making a mistake, because even my friend (who is a big Nintendo fan) doesn't even care about the Wii U, and that's saying something, especially if he doesn't even care about NSMBU!

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PoshSnivy wrote:

They need to come out with a clear, strong advertising campaign NOW,

That would be pointless, since tons of other ads would capture the train of thought of the consumers those ads would be aimed at, and would cause them to not remember by christmas, if Nintendo was to start an heavy TV adversting campagin till christmas it would cost them quite a bit of money, the earliest I would guess them to start advertsing at the launch of the console, but I would expect them to start closer to christmas.

Just be patient, and go to Digitally Downloaded, and ask @Waltzelf some questions while you wait.
I just saw the Wii U ad from Nintendo of Europe.

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"$299 for the cheapest package?"

They still remember how much I payed for launch 3DS.

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My friends want one

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My family (including my two brother-in-laws) knows about it (only because I won't shut up about the whole thing). But overall, I'm the only one that wants it.

Also, NINTENDO IS DOOMED! Seriously, what's with all the gloomy talk? Then again, I have almost no friends, so I don't have to deal with Nintendo haters...


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My mom: "Wii U? I just bought us a new Wii last year since the old one was broken!" Even though I am going to pay for it.

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Oh, and my friends don't really want it
Edit: Except one who thinks he may get it, I think he's waiting until he hears more opinions about it.

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"I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!" ―Cave Johnson
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