Topic: Wii U Games looks/Run better on Gamepad than on My Monitor

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I have no idea why, but whenever I play games on my monitor and switch to the gamepad at the same time, the gameplay is much smoother than on the monitor.

Especially noticeable with Twilight Princess. When I move the camera, everything looks more recognizable on the gamepad, but when I switch to the monitor and then move the camera, it looks like the camera is moving way too fast, making some textures unrecognizable when moving the camera. It seems that on the gamepad the motion sharpness is slightly there but on the monitor it is not.

It seems like there are more fps on the gamepad than on the TV.



@MigiDude Did Wii U games used to run better on your monitor, or has it always been like that? That may be a key point diagnosing the issue.

How to Configure the TV Connection Type

(I know you said monitor, but this seemed like the most relevant troubleshooting page to start with, as far as nintendo support goes.)

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