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Hi all,

I just recently moved and found this Wii U collection which was tucked away for quite some time.

Can anyone help me if this is worth anything and where to put it up for sale?

I live in Denmark, and it doesn't seem like there is much interest for Wii U here anymore.

Kindest and best regards



@SaulSilver90 The Zelda boxes will be worth selling individually if complete and in good condition.

If the rest of it is all working and in good condition then you could get around £100 for it in the UK, bit more if you've got the box for the console.

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You can check
They have prices for all that stuff in your photo.

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why would anyone want to sell his Wii U? it's a great little machine with lots of charm and the most extensive legacy library as of today. Keep it!
they don't do it like this anymore.



@anynamereally judging that it's a new account and they are looking to sell it, it's probably all stolen and they are looking to off load it quickly.

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Thank you so much for the responses! Not so much for accusing me of stealing though :S

@anymereally I had lots of fun with it, but I have purchased a Switch instead. So its really just wasting away stored in a closet. Not really bringing much joy to anyone :/

@Tasuki thanks for looking out, but I guarantee you that it is not stolen. I probably still have some receipts for some of it in my email somewhere.

If there is any potential buyers out there, feel free to contact me


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