Topic: Very strange console/Smash 4 bug encountered with controllers

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So I've been having some very odd issues and was just wondering whether anyone had any idea what might be going wrong. However as far as I can tell, this doesn't seem to be a common problem.
So previously I was using my smash 4 controllers on another console a day before I encountered the glitch. I noticed it when attempting to reconnect the two controllers, however a third controller was being recognized for an unknown reason BUT only when attempting to join the smash 4 local lobby, and is continuously pressing down the "1" button, (or exit). Any other time and it doesn't appear, and the button isn't registering being pressed at any other point. It is also registering it as a regular wiimote, yet I don't even own one. I am able to get around the glitch by disconnecting all connected controllers, however then entering a game shows that the button becomes "pressed" again. I really can't tell if this issue is a controller side issue (doesn't appear to be), or a console side issue (also doesn't seem to be), which means that I am extremely out of ideas after trying to fix this for the 2nd day.
Any ideas or suggestions on what is happening and how to fix it would be extremely appreciated, thanks in advance!


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