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Hey all,

So I decided to try and fix my broken Wii u gamepad screen. I replaced the screen and once I did the touch feature worked and so did the sound- it would also turn the Wii u on and off.

However, the screen itself is black and picture-less (again it is responsive to touch and makes sound). The light on the Wii u gamepad is blue when you hit the power button but it then fades away.

Any one know where I went wrong? Before I replaced the screen the light on the Wii u worked normally and the screen still showed some picture and wasn't just pitch black.





The ribbon looks fine, but I did consider that- if so I guess I'm just out of luck!

I was missing some screws...Perhaps that is the problem? I really didn't think they would make much of an impact so long as I had enough of them to keep everything down.

Thanks for your input!



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