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The Wii U has the handy feature where it will create more pages automatically when you use up the initial ones. Recently I've been organizing with more folders and have discovered that the reverse is not true, the expanded pages stay there when empty. Does anyone know if there is any way to get rid of these blank pages?



Nope, the only way to keep your home screen tiny and tidy is not expanding it to begin with.


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LOL, how very Nintendo-ish of Nintendo to design it that way. Thanks for the response.



Do you mean the extra pages stay there if all the software is deleted or when you move it all into folders?
I guess one reason that the extra pages stay is that if you wanted to take them out again then you would need the extra pages. (Perhaps it could just add them as you do that though)
And if you create another profile, all the icons won't be in folders if you haven't made them yet on that profile so it will use the extra space.

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