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Just purchased a Mario 3D World Wii U for ny daughter's birthday. I set it up, and as the gamepad comes on, I hear gargled tinny sound!? I adjust the sound up, then down, and still the sound was distorted and breaking up. Almost as if the tiny speakers could not handle the sound? I returned the unit and the new gamepad has crystal clear sound, no issues. This is my first defective Nintendo console pirchase.

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It happens even with the best of the manufacturers, look up Sony TV recalls if you really want to for a reference. Sometimes things slip through QA, so usually the store warranty should cover that and in this case it did. You will really enjoy 3D world as a note.



So what's the point? You bought a console with a controller that didn't work properly, returned it, and got a new controller that did work. Surely this isn't news worthy?


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I only listen to custal clear sound.


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Wait what is the problem they replaced it so everything is hunky dory.

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Mine was ok so you're wrong (joke)!!! Sorry to hear that, must be doubly annoying since it was a birthday present and messed the day up, you would hope these things are tested before packaging.

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I wasted an hour of Mario 3D World time, by having to pack back up the system, and drive it back to the store The controller did sound crappy from jump though. We are loving Nintendo Land now. I am gonna purchase MarioKart 8 this weekend



This no big problem when I bought the wii all those years ago on day one it was crashing all the time so I took it back and got it exchanged and to this day still Woking great. All consoles has failure rates I belive 3 to 5 percent is the norm it just a little annoying when it happens to you


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Soooo who else uses their gamepad, and Wii U in general, 70 percent of the time for internet browsing, and the other 30 percent for gaming? I know I do. The Wii U is one of the best browsers I've ever used, even better than the PS4's.

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Congrats on the new Wii U system! It's a shame your first Nintendo purchase is a dud, but at least you got it replaced with no issues

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At least you could return yours so that's good on you. The day the 5.2 update came out I ran it and it broke my system destroying the system settings menu(wrench icon.) I had to send it in, they didn't even bother trying to fix the issue, they just mailed me an entirely new system and didn't carry my data over which was totally accessible when I sent it off. I don't have more than 10 physical games due to the poor third party support, but 1/2 of them were done and it's all gone now. I've never since 1985(NES) had a system die on me unless it was direct abuse (had some kids break my old NES twice with food. A little girl learned when they're hot popsicles don't help things.)

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