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I was attempting to find Wii Fit U in my menu, however it was not there with the only app there related to Wii Fit U being Wii Fit U Info. The game was not in my download manager. I went to go check if I had actually played the game in the past, and it was there, played in 2014. It was listed as Wii Fit U (Free), however. I went to the store, and it said Wii Fit U was there for purchase for 29.99, and I could not redownload it for free. I knew what I had was not the trial because I had the game after the free trial session ended. Where did my game go? Can I find out and remember whether it was installed or on a disc?

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From what it sounds like you had a free version that is no longer available. Buy the game you cheapskate

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You probably have an unlisted version of the game, it won't appear in the eshop just like that.

Check in your purchase story/download list instead.

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Wasn't Wii Fit U given to anyone as a free trial period? Just buy the discounted version with board and all from nintendo's online store. Its only like 30 buck$

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@Tsurii OP should just buy it off Ninty online store. Not that much. I think it even comes with the NintyFitBit thingy too.

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There was a time-limited offer, if you bought the Wii Fit U Meter you could keep the full download version for free, but only if you registered a Wii Fit U Meter with the Wii Fit U download inside the time limit.

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