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Hey guys, Merry Christmas!

i hope this kind of thread doesnt exist yet but my search didnt show me what i was searching.

My simple question is: Can i play Wii Games, which were only playable with a remote and nunchuck, on my Wii U with a Wii U Remote and nunchuck? Can the Wii U Motion Plus remote be used as a replacement of the old Wii Remote or dies it have to be exactly this old Wii remote to play my Wii games on Wii U?

Because i bougth a Wii U now, finally, and never had a Wii before. But now, Games that i bought (like Zelda Twilight princess for Wii) cant be played without remote controller (wii). But if the Wii U Remote is the same, i would rather buy the new remote and not searching for an old Wii remote.

I hope you understood my question (and sorry for my broken english).

Greetz and Merry Christmas, Hypno



It's a little confusing, but the Wii U Remote Plus is the exact same controller as the Wii Remote Plus controller. Both can be used as a substitute for the regular old Wii Remotes. All three work the exact same, except that the former two have gyro controls build into them, and some games require the those. Nintendo Land on the Wii U for example, meaning you can't use regular Wii Remotes to play that game, but you can use either Wii or Wii U Remote Plus controllers (they were just rebranded to be sold alongside the Wii U).



Okay! thank you so much for the answer! I didnt know that there was nearly no difference, i thought there were old remotes and new ones, now its much more clear to me Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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