Topic: List a game that is must be on Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

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Mother 3 & Earthbound Zero


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Donkey Kong Country 1-3.

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How about a Viewtiful Joe game that utilizes the Gamepad? Or even an HD remake of the original two would be awesome.

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I would love to see Rogue Legacy, Don't Starve, and Towerfall all come to Wii U. Also, while these aren't indie games, Mother 1 and Mother 3 are definitely two games that need to come outside Japan, and the eShop is the perfect way to do so.

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I forgot Towerfall. Perfect game for Wii U.

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Would someone like SkullGirls to be on Wii U?

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Retro Game Crunch - 7 NES Games all that get the essence of what made those type of games good in the first place.

Manos and the hands of fate - What I remember NES games to be like.

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I would like Fez and Thomas was Alone.

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