Topic: I have a theory at TP HD and why it wasn't shown at E3

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Monkey_Balls wrote:

I just can't see Nintendo releasing three new(ish) Zelda games on one console (Waker HD, Twilight HD and Zelda U); though this is Nintendo we're talking about (they do love their re-releases/remakes), so I could be wrong.

Why not? Who knew that the 3DS would have gotten FOUR main Zelda games?!
We asked Nintendo to stop milking Super Mario Bros. And they kinda did it. They started milking The Legend of Zelda instead.

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Monkey_Balls wrote:

Probably pointing out the obvious here but a HD version of Twilight could affect sales of the new Zelda game (and vice versa), which means...

Only if they are both released around the same time, the likes of COD, AC etc can manage a release a year and still do big numbers. Also the time between MM and TFH on the 3ds was only 9ish months apart so Ninty aren't showing their reluctant to do it either.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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I'm not so much bothered about there being 3 Zelda games on one console as much as I am about there being 4 Zelda remakes in one generation. There's no need to burn through every single possible remake this generation.


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