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Hello. My little cousin has a Wii U and the drive will not keep any discs. It will take the disc all the way in, then spit out a little portion of it, pull it back in and then bring it out. It does this every time. I just wanted to ask if there was anything I could do to repair it. Do I need to take it apart? Or is there a simple fix? I've tried to contact Nintendo, but you can't chat with them unless it's related to Repair service that's you've already setup itself. I don't think I have my warranty anymore. I would like to ask here before calling the Nintendo support number which will probably take forever. Thank you so much.

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@Kolten89 Can't really recommend anything other than checking to see if there's any objects stuck in there that shouldn't be there. I'd do that just by shaking the thing gently, or having a gentle poke around with a knife/screwdriver.

You can check this tutorial if you fancy taking the console apart. Though I don't know anything about what restrictions there might be on finding a compatible replacement DVD drive:

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If you're in the U.K., use
I used them just before Xmas last year, literally days before, and got my Wii U back before Xmas, fully repaired and for like £49 including shipping and DPD collection @Kolten89

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I checked to see if there was anything in it, and I don't think anything is in it, it just randomly stopped working. I will probably bring it to a repair store or fix it myself by replacing the drive. Thank you so much for your help.



( Assuming U did not already ) Pull off the ac cable, leave the console for some 15min ,then see what happens.
Silly, but sometimes it works with electronic things.

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