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Since the Wii U can use two screens, wouldn't it be epic if DSiWare and 3DSeShop was on the Wii U eShop? It would work, and it could increase sales. Nintendo shouldn't let us down this time.

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It wouldn't really work like that, and many games would have to be remade. If we ignore that the games would look ugly to most and the different sized screens would be bizarre, there's the problem that you can't magically add camera, mic, etc support to the WiiU remote just because they both use a camera. Stuff would have to be re-coded in these games. There would be so many problems even beyond this that it's just not worth doing.

I think our chances of seeing multi-platform Virtual Console games are higher, and that's not very likely to be honest. I don't think having DSiWare on WiiU would increase sales noticeably either, for all the time and money involved. It would be a very different situation if the games were single screen and had less "features" (meaning camera and such) like PS Minis on PS3 and PSP.

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