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lzbirdboy wrote:

With the direction they're going I'm surprised their fighting genre is still popular. How many versions of the same game are we gonna see in two years?

Well, you can look at Street Fighter 2 to know where they're probably going with this.

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Swiket wrote:

Kid_Crono wrote:

MML3 was cancelled!!!11! Oh no Capcom hates Nintendo and should change their name to CRAPcom. Why? Because they're relying too much on their most high profiled franchises that sell by the millions and not giving ME what I want!

There wouldn't be so much disappointment if the game wasn't originally announced as being given the greenlight when development was beginning and including community members, There was no reason for it to go on for as long as it did if it wasn't actually approved by Capcom high-ups yet. Nope, they're more willing to flush out annual sequels of Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Monster Hunter.

your right, but at the same time i still want anothe MH title for the wii U but im so far pleased ith the results of this thread.

Exactly how long will nintendo's shenanigans prevail?


Theres a lot of people on this site who, needless to say, run to these types of topics to vent. It gets old. Real old. My post was a little exaggerated but thats what I read every time someone b*tches about this situation.

As someone mentioned earlier in the topic, Capcom was skeptical about the outcome of MML3. So they cancelled it. Big woopty do. You never played the game. You dont know how good/bad it is (and from the Legends track record nowhere up that's for sure.) So in a way there isn't much loss here. And besides... complaining, moaning and groaning isn't going to bring it back.

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it's kinda justified when you cancel a game that people have been waiting for for a decade to conclude a story for reasons that contradict supporting a prototype as a way to keep it from being cancelled and then developers and the like want this to continue while people at Capcom seemingly do everything they can to make you hate Capcom, horrible PR or otherwise.

but yeah complaining on random internet forums will do nothing for anyone ever.

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I would like MH Wii U & 3DS please, Capcom.

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It does suck that Mega Man Legends 3 got cancelled, but I'm more dissapointed in the direction the company and it's games have headed, pretty much this entire gen. Taking one of their most mainstream franchises (Resident Evil) and making it more mainstream due to the game's higher priority of shooting and action over suspense and horror. Some very mediocre, yet high budget games (Lost Planet 2, Dark Void). The ridiculous dlc of their games, and the rereleases of their fighting games. Not too mention that the games were especially thin in features (Marvel vs Capcom 3). Overall, more third party support is great, but I'm not too keen on buying games from the recently mediocre publisher anyways. (Just my two cents).

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Ohh, so it is a game! You said so yourself!

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