Topic: Can i play in vWii with the gamecube controller?

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I wanted to know if it’s possible to play with the gamecube controller on Wii u. I’ve been playing on vWii these days, and I’d like to use my gc controller to play on various Wii games (for example, mario kart, smash bros brawl, etc).
I have an alternative adapter to connect the gc controller, and recently I saw someone playing with the gc controller in the nintendont of the wii u. Then, it is possible to do the same, but with games from the same wii? PS: I use gx loader usb in vWii homebrew



Although Wii games can be displayed on the GamePad's screen, they can only be controlled with the Wii controller, not the GamePad controller.



There's an official adapter for connecting Gamecube controllers to a Wii U, but it only supports Smash Bros. for Wii U. However, Mayflash sells a third party adapter that can connect a Gamecube controller to a Wii Remote and make a Wii or Wii U think it's a Classic Controller. I originally got it because many years ago I got the RetroUSB adapters that can connect NES and SNES controllers to a Wii's Gamecube controller ports to use with Virtual Console games, and I had since moved all of my Virtual Console games to my Wii U. Unfortunately it only worked with stock Gamecube controllers. (Even the Wavebird made it go crazy.) Recently, though, I got a Mayflash adapter specifically for connecting NES and SNES controllers to a Wii Remote's port and it works fine.


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