Topic: Attempting to turn Wii U into a Linux Mint XFCE machine

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So i recently decided that i would get all my crap electronics and attempt to run the latest linux mint XFCE version on them, including the wii u. Would it be possible to remove the Wii U OS entirely and replace it with linux mint??
I am willing to remove the hard drive if needed. wondering if there is an easy way, like a full reset button.



Sorry we can't tell you how to do that sort of thing here it's against the community rules. However Google and YouTube are good places to find out how.

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That's against the rules? He's not asking how to emulate or pirate anything and it's not a current generation system.



Who are U calling crap electronics?

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Someone probably already did this, like on release day.

Anyway yes, we won't be of much help here. I'd recommend finding a more useful community for that.

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