Topic: Why do you think Mario has got more successful over the years but Sonic hasn’t?

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@FishyS Well, recently, Sonic Superstars had a price drop a month ago or so down to $30. Though even at that price, it's still a tough pill to swallow.

Not sure if it's permanent or not but it seems like it. The fact it was released at $60 hurt it waaay more than it should. I'm waiting for it to go down to $20. I may buy it off eBay...but I got other games I wanna get. Since my b-day is in June...

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Sonic gameplay is too fast, not everyone can enjoy fast paced gameplay like Sonic.



Cause Nintendo IS what GenesISN'T, baby

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Because nintnedo knows what’s fun while sonic can’t make up its freaking mind lol. Oh and they usually aren’t rushing a small team to make a game in like a years time.

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The sheer quality of Mario, the number of games, and the consistency of being on each Nintendo platform, made Sonic snack food as time went on.

Furthermore, Sonic has no base in Japan. The Genesis didn't do well there, and the Saturn did, but Sonic wasn't really there. Part of the reason why NiGHTS continues to be seen right next to Sonic while not getting his own games, is because they still want to try to appeal to the Japanese crowd, which loved NiGHTS when it originally came out (and featured Sonic in ChristMAS NiGHTS into Dreams).

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Someone asked this in a different thread, but it seems relevant here — Do people think the Mario and Sonic games will continue? The last one did not do well, but a couple in the past have. I kind of wish there were full-crossover games that weren't just the Olympics.

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@FishyS I think they will. The Olympics is a huge licence to get. But like anything else that comes around every 4 years, it's much easier to be disappointed with the results.

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