Topic: What is the most fun retro system to play NOW?

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It still is, and will always be, the NES. I'm not sure why this is even up for debate.


Also, why is Wii U on this list????

My guess is the OP is a Wii U fanboy.

Well, the Wii U is dead according to the internet. Retro systems are basically dead consoles right?


Opinions vary, but i adhere to the "Dreamcast is the latest/last retro console (for now)" school of thought.

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I'd argue that a thing is "retro" at the point where it becomes impossible to find new in shops. Also if it coming back is purely a nostalgia type thing. Like with music. Digital is the way people consume music these days. But CDs can still be found pretty easily. Tapes can't be found to the point where they almost don't exist. Vinyl exists but as more of a novelty and for new stuff often bundled with a download code.

Same deal with gaming. If I walk into a Target or EBGames there will be some Wii/PS3/360 stuff. Not a lot but it'll still be there to this day. There are even some releases still coming to those platforms like FIFA and Just Dance. Not huge amounts of support but still some content. GC/PS2/XB? Not a chance. Except for the GC controller they re-released for Smash Bros on the Wii U. So that's where I'd draw the line as much as it kinda freaks me out calling the original XBox "retro".

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Hard to choose between the NES, SNES, and 64, but I'll have to go with the 64 atm

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I still prefer the NES and Super NES, more than any other retro system. Genesis was okay for the Sonic and Streets of Rage games, plus the uncensored Mortal Kombat and a few other exclusives. But the other two systems had tons of great games, while the Genesis mostly focused on sports and a few comic-based titles.

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NES, SNES are always tops for me, but at the very top is the N64 - I can't seem to ever put that console away with Goldeneye and OoT available lol

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I think Nintendo 64, Sega DreamCast, and GameCube.

4 controllers and games like Mario Kart, Crazy Taxi, Ready to Rumble.



GameCube is the system i play most, alongside Switch and WiiU, and sometimes snes for DKC-series
Dont really care for 64 or nes, they didnt aged that well.



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