Topic: Trying to track down an old Japanese Game Boy game

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Hey all!

I’m hoping someone might be able to help me here to find an old game boy game that I miss. The challenge is that it was all in Japanese (which I can’t read) so I have no idea what it’s name was. I would love to find it again as it has many happy memories of holiday car trips as a kid.

The game is a Japanese RPG with side scrolling fighting action scenes. There are 4 different characters you get over the game and they can be leveled up with RPG elements. The rpg element is top down city which you travel around and there are mini games like which I remember were sliding tiles with numbers on them into set places. As the game progresses you move into a second map; after an action scene where you chase the villains car and hit the back of it.

The characters I can remember had a guy in a singlet who had an electric staff/prod and the main character had a sword once he hit level 5.

Pretty vague I know, but wondering if this rings any bells.




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