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I scrolled back a bit and didn't see one, so lets have a general N64 thread to talk about the N64 and its games.

I love the N64 and own around 130 N64 games representing(mostly) the cream of the crop. If the average gamer knew it existed and it was actually a good game, chances are I own it. I even have a specially made cartridge with Sin and Punishment on it ^-^

To Start this thread off, i will talk about some of my favorite lesser-known games(games that are not OOT or Goldeneye, or even Beetle Adventure Racing):

Tetrisphere: The greatest puzzle game on the N64 in my opinion. Its aged very well and is as addicting as ever. Also hands down the best soundtrack on the N64. Search the soundtrack out, its downright incredible for its time.

Goemon's Great Adventure: Everyone played Mystical Ninja 64 because there was also nothing else of note on the system at the time but its aged poorly and it is bug ridden. Far fewer people played its far better sequel. This time its a surprisingly difficult 2D platformer that's aged just fine.

The World Is Not Enough: I thought this was going to be crap. It turned out to be a very, very good shooter. Yes, its not Goldeneye, but its pretty darn close.

Winback: Winback is to the N64 what Metal Gear Solid is to the PSX. It is(I believe) the world's first cover based shooter. It is a relic of its time and honestly, hasn't aged amazingly well, but worth searching out nevertheless.

Hybrid Heaven: One of the few actual RPGs on the system, it has an interesting combat system that has never been replicated(think of a one-on-one fighting game with moves made via menu command). Its only real problem is the lack of save points and a sameness to the levels(tech corridor a or tech corridor b).

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Wow, N64 thread.
I admit i have never played any N64 games , never knew its existence during PS1 era when i was Primary school student and never knew what good games from them. 😳
The only Nintendo machine that i completely skip. 😔

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@Mordridakon I second The world is not enough. I remember playing multiplayer with bro in the streets map. I may also add mission impossible too. I used to stare at the photos in the preview of MI in the N64 mag for ages think how good the graphics were.

Came across as mediocre in the magazine's but I enjoyed the mechanics of Chameleon Twist too



@Mordridakon I'll close the old thread, since it was GCN & N64, so this will be the new N64 thread from now on.



Apart from the obvious games like OOT and MM, me and my brother spent a lot of time on Top Gear Rally and World Cup 98.



ReaderRagfihs wrote:

-Snowboard Kids:

These are the only good N64 games I don't own. I should fix that. The problem is they're expensive because they were kind of obscure, especially the second one.

-Ogre Battle 64:

This is a quite expensive to buy(cost me 80) well worth the money however.

-Pilotwings 64:

Amazing game, especially once you unlock the bird suits for each island and go around flying. My sticking point is the next entry for the 3DS, pilotwings resort, which had one small dinky island. vs. 4 giant ones on the N64. I think Nintendo got lazy.

-NFL Blitz 2000: Like many of you, I've never really had much interest in football games. However, this one is awesome.

It is awesome and I loved it far better than madden, which I turned on, got confused and turned off. Too bad EA is the sole licence holder now and they don't make arcade football games much anymore with the exception Mutant Football League.



Some more games:
Bass Hunter 64 You'd think would be garbage, its not. Its a competent fishing game that has a surprisingly amount of depth to it. The only issue is you only have bass in the game, and no other fish.

Robotron 64 in the mid-90s there was a retro craze, and so they created this, an update to Robotron. You shoot robots while saving people. Its no frills, but fun. If you plug in two controllers, you can play dual stick, one stick to move, the other to fire! Also has a rocking trance soundtrack, which fits the theme well.

Turok 3 Everyone knows Turok 2, its a classic. Turok 3 is sadly not, but should be, because it fixes many of the problems with Turok 2. It runs better and you can save anywhere. Its far more linear this time though, no more maze-like levels, but that's just fine. Its a good game that got overlooked because Rage Wars sucked out all the goodwill of Turok 2.

Destruction Derby 64 The PSX version got on the PSX Classic, and it did for a reason, ITS FUN!!! I love it. Play it! Play it! No seriously, its a really good racer.

Sin and Punishment Tragically never released in the US, this on-rails shooter is awesome. It was only released later for the VC for the WII. Unfortunately, you'll have to emulate if you want to play in English, unless you're like me and manage to find a homebrew cartridge with the English-translated Rom.



The N64 was my first home console - really enjoyed reading through these comments! Great to see some love for Snowboard Kids, Space Station Silicon Valley and Pilotwings 64 outside of the usual suspects.

Two personal favourites are Paperboy 64 (obviously) and Star Wars Episode 1 Racer. Star Wars had some great racing and loads of customisation.

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Remember when N64 came out and was excited as that kid in the videos, but didnt get one until Zelda came out.

@Samasaurus Completely agree on the Star Wars Pod Racing (especially when you put in the cheat code to be able to use two controllers for tank style controls using the two analogue sticks)

I am going to put in one of the WORST games I ever played on the N64 was Castlevania 64, it going to 3D just did not work in my opinion.

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This thread taunts me. Now I have a NES and SNES Classic, N64 is the only Nintendo console I have no collection for. But I've spent way too much already over the past 4 years building my other collections, so I think I'm just going to have to hold out for a Classic edition of the N64 too.

Snowboard Kids sounds great.

You guys had me at blood and semen.

What better way to celebrate than firing something out of the pipe?

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@Bunkerneath I remember trying to master the two controller method for ages!

As far as worst games go, I do have Nagano Winter Olympics which is terrible, even for a button basher



Aside from the greats, Favorite N64 game? Banjo Kazooie. When Ward's department store still existed, that's where my parents ordered it from. I got a pretty cool BK backpack as a bonus. I also remember getting that VHS sizzle reel in the mail from Nintendo Power for the game. I loved the mess outta that game, and even recorded my own sizzle reel. Man, that music is just fantastic.
I also really liked Forsaken and Extreme G. I had a Gameshark Pro and used an infinite nitrous code for Extreme G to see how fast the game could go. I actually managed to produce screen tearing before the console just froze.

Oh! And Buck Bumble!!


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Bunkerneath wrote:

I am going to put in one of the WORST games I ever played on the N64 was Castlevania 64, it going to 3D just did not work in my opinion.

I loved Castlevania 64 as a child, beat it three times. Went back as an adult, realized its actually a terrible game and has aged very badly.
I also played Symphony of the night a few months ago, and that's still a classic.

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I ploughed hours into Star Wars Rogue Squadron as a kid. Later got sequels on the GCN but long overdue a comeback.



id rather wear goggles made out of razor blades than look at hideous n64 games.
unless its doom 64 or castlevania legacy of darkness

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


Oh N64. I consider that system to be my childhood defining console. I have a very good childhood memory associated with getting the system and I lost so many hours of life playing it. I am fairly content with my N64 collection; only missing a few gems like bomberman hero second attack. Only played two games that I regretted. Daikatana and superman. I was at the height of my superman fandom as I grew up on Lois and Clark and Superman TAS so that game was particularly egregious.

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I went to a used game store, they had snowboard kids boxed for $80, i passed. Bought Micromachines 64 and International superstar soccer 64 instead.



pft. No boxes for me. Got the complete North American set tho. Even got about 15 N64 games that are roms/hacks on cart. My favourite system growing up.

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