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Rewind to a couple of months ago:
Hey everyone, I'm new here. My wife and I are about to make a documentary! I am a huge fan of Rareware, their N64 Games made me the gamer I am today. I am going to travel to different shops and dealers in ohio and film me hunting down each game and trying to get good prices on them until I complete the collection. I currently have Perfect Dark and Jet Force Gemini, and I will soon be picking up Mickey's Speed Way USA from Austin Morgan, another member here. We don't want to purchase anything online unless people are just not willing to help me out on the prices. Playable is all that matters, stickers and whatnot are not as important to this project, but of course I would prefer to have the higher quality ones. I would also like to get strategy guides for each game too. If you live within 30 miles of Hamilton, and have any of the titles I need and would like to be features in a documentary, comment on here.

Fast Forward to today:



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There is nothing here...except for the stuff I just typed...

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NintendoFan64 wrote:

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Yeah I get that this is considered advertising, but I really want to get feedback. This was a community project, I'd like to hear from the community.



It's still advertising which is against the rules here whether you want to get feedback or whatever.

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What everyone said.

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