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I wanna spark up a conversation about the new wave of mini arcade cabinets that have emerged over the past year or so. I'm really excited about all of them and am buying most of them. Here's what's up:

1. New Wave Toys
The latest mini arcade I picked up is the best one I've ever seen. New Wave Toys' Replicade Centipede 12" arcade cabinet is incredible, and was just released last week. It has a real working track ball, light up marque, and arcade perfect gameplay. They also have Tempest and SFII machines coming up:

2. Arcade1Up
These 3/4 scale arcade cabinets are super exciting!!! You can add risers to make them normal height. Uses authentic licensed arcade ROMs and original artwork. Their PR team on facebook has been extremely responsive and transparent; seems like a really good company. They're releasing for wave 1: Centipede, Asteroids, Galaga, Rampage, SFII, and Pac-Man:

3. My Arcade
These mini arcades are fun. Their games are mostly NES ROMs, but the cabinets are really nice. Their best machines are Burger Time, Galaga, Dig Dug, Mappy and Pac-Man. They also offer larger 10" machines that play the actual arcade ROMs instead:

3. Tiny Arcades
These tiny arcades fit in the palm of your hand, are cheap, fully playable and awesome for what they are. Galaxian, Space Invaders, Ms Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Frogger, and Galaga:

4. Arcade Classics
Some of these are cool, but they use cloned games instead of real ones. Stay away from the old school LCD models, but the full color ones are pretty good. Rampage, Centipede, Ms Pac-Man, Frogger, Q-Bert, and Joust are all great:

6. Neo Geo Mini
All of these games are available in better form on Switch. Still it's cool for what it is:

7. Numbskull
These are large enough to be bartop arcades and look really nice. Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man, Galaxian and Galaga. These are aimed at collectors:

8. Coleco Evolved
Yes, Colecovision is bringing back their classic mini arcades, starting with Robotech and Rainbow Bright. They're full color now and appear to use GBA ROMs:

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I actually got 13 mini arcade machines in this room I'm in now, and 6 of them are connected to a power source so I can let the demos play whenever. Those machines are

Dig dug (powered)
Pac man x2 (one is powered, both are different designs.)
Galaxian (powered)
Galaga (powered)
Bad dudes (powered)
Burger Time (powered)
Space Invaders
And a bootleg one called Retro Machine.

I was able to get these at my local store, they do have mini keychain arcade machines here, but it's more small then I want it...and just as expensive as the better ones I got. I do hope that I see more machines around here because I'd buy more, I just want the ones I can connect to a power source to light up.

Edit: One other thing I should mention is that I got figures near the machines...MAKES FOR NOICE DECOR I THOUGHT!

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@Undead_terror Awesome. These mini arcades are so cool, and they're starting to emerge everywhere recently. I've been waiting for this moment in history to finally arrive. I expect to see many new mini arcades introduced next year.



Arcade1Up's 3/4 scale arcade cabinets have started to hit stores over the past couple of weeks. I picked up the Centipede cabinet so far (along with the riser to make it full height), and I absolutely love this thing. I've been looking for a good affordable Centipede cab with a trackball for years, and now I finally have one and it is glorious!

Some people have reported issues with faulty cabs for this first wave, but mine has worked perfectly. Uses licensed arcade ROMs with authentic sound, gameplay and graphics. Anyone looking for a home arcade cab should give these a look:

Arcade1Up Centipede:

Available at GameStop:

Here's a review by some dude online (not me):

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I really want the Rampage Arcade Classic but no stores around here sell it. I didn't realize they came out at the beginning of the year or so, so I probably missed out on it. I see some of the other games but all I want is Rampage. I was lucky to find the Oregon Trail one though.



It looks like the NES game with Ralph added which is awesome 'cause I was seriously annoyed (I love werewolves). Unfortunately I live in Canada. Does Wal-Mart US even ship to Canada? Wal-Mart Canada doesn't have Rampage at all.

OK I checked and they do NOT ship outside of the US.

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