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I replaced my CRT tv with a new one. The old tv finally died. The new tv initially showed a fuzzy NES picture like when it is on channel 4 instead of channel 3. Could the cable attachment in the tv be bad?

I checked all connections and there setup properly and are tight.

Here is a link to a 2 minute video showing my setup:

Thank you for any help. This is a great site that I have visited countless times.



RF switches are known for being junk anyway. Better off with AV if you can. Often the switch will resolve lots of your issues. I haven't used RF in so long I'm not much more help than that. Sorry dude best of luck. - Dayman
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I would connect just one console (so just one RF SWITCH) and try to search for the right channel. Use the TV's setting menu. My old CTR didn't have the right channel right from the start - I had to manually search for it. Only after getting the one console to work, I would continue with the second one.



Thanks for the input on both posts. I could not figure out how to do a channel search in the tv settings. I called a local av place and they are ordering a 4 in 1 adapter and other cables I think (this would Switch me from rf to av). I told them to order whatever would make things work.

I will report back after I get things setup.

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