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So my Gamecube is super bright on my TV. Its so bad its hard to see it. and yes I tried changing the brightness.
I have a Toshiba TV Model Number: 26AV500A Please Help!



Oh and here are my tv settings:

contrast: 70/100
brightness: 50/100
colour: 50/100
sharpness 0/100
tint: 0/100



@Patrick4325 What cable are you using to connect to the TV, AV, Composite? One of those new HDMI adapters for Gamecube?

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An alternative connection you can try is rf out. The quality will be worse, than the composite option. The Gamecube also had s-video on some models, I think. The Gamecube used the same rf adapter as the N64; it just plugs into the av out port.

Of course, modern displays don't pick up the "weak" rf signal of older consoles(Nes for example); (I) don't know if Gamecube puts out enough, without a second rf. For my Nes 2, I had to actually connect the Nintendo-made rf modulator to another rf modulator I bought from Best Buy. It either boosts the signal for a modern display, or the modern modulators are made differently, from the ones decades ago, which I happen to doubt.

Maybe your display is pre-configured to compensate for low-intensity brightness, by brightening the AV signals. A setting in your tv menus might fix this. Try something else in your display's av jacks. Sometimes, setting a tv's display to user-custom allows you to override any compensations that might be messing up the image/video quality.

Possibly your display is damaged, dying. Maybe the image will fix itself, if you let it set for a few minutes. Modern displays are temperature sensitive, like most any precision electronics.


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@Patrick4325 you have the wrong cables. I suspect it’s a ntsc av lead. If your gamecube is pal region. Just buy a rgb scart and the picture will be great.

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Patrick4325 wrote:

@Heavyarms55 Composite RCA Connection

Is it an official Nintendo brand? Check the console connector to see if the word "Nintendo" is on it.

For some reason, the 3rd party GameCube composite cables cause the image to be really bright.




Definitely avoid rf and composite - go with an official RGB cable if you have a PAL console. Even better, get a CRT.

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