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With all the buzz about retro game prices, I have gotten to wondering:
What's the most you've paid for a game? and/or, what's the most you (realistically, within your means) pay for a game?

It's said everyone has their price, so I'm wondering what the ceiling is for the average game buyer.

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About 40 dollars, after converting and adding import fees

It was Wario Ware Inc, for the GBA.

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As someone who has just started getting into game collecting ( I own about 200 physical games and around 15 consoles ), I wouldn't normally buy a game for over $50 or $60 but it depends on the game.

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£50 for Paper Mario TTYD, but half of that was paid for with an eBay voucher. I'd say that's the maximum I'd be willing to pay for a game normally.

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I would pay as much a a current Gen game so like $60 at the most. Luckily I have the more expensive games in my collection Earthbound, Chrono Trigger etc. And If I want to play a particular expensive game I can get a repro. I am not really into collecting for value I collect because the game has sentimental value to me or I just want to play it.

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I've spent a lot on retro in the last 10 years. As time passes and I've gotten closer to satisfying my wants for each platform I've found myself prepared to pay more just to get me to the end and be able to draw that collection to a close.

It's a bummer Covid happened because it's just pushed those few games I was holding out on at £60 to silly prices like £150-250. I'd gladly pay £60 now just to finish my collection. I'd probably even pay £100 in some cases. I have paid over £100 on three occasions (two pre-Covid, one mid Covid but that hasn't inflated much from what it would have been before anyway). Very unlike me to spend like that, but I've got them now and a few months down the line the extra expense doesn't seem significant.

The ***** is that I can spare the cash I need to get most of the games I want, but my pride (and just my good sense) won't let me bow to Covid inflation.

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Most games new I buy at $60, I usually only pay more if it's an edition of a game with extras. With that said, I wouldn't pay more than $60 for a retro game. They're older games, and I don't buy games to collect, I buy them because I want to play them.

Most I paid for a retro games was $10-14 for a couple of GBA games, I usually avoid the cheapest prices just to avoid bootleg GBA carts. Mostly just got two copies of Puyo Pop (multiplayer reasons) and Mario Kart Super Circuit.



I have ever paid IDR 1,500,000 or US$ 104.12 for Pokemon Black 2 NDS, bought from Ebay.
Got the game with Save data from previous owner with current situation already obtained 7 badges, Pokedex = 137, 44h 26m gameplay and some Rare Pokemons such as Cobalion, Thundurus, Genesect, Zoroark, Tornadus (Bird form), etc.

But, i almost never played the game since 11 June 2019 as the last time i played just only to check the previous owner save data. I guess i'm not ready yet to continue the rest of storyline as i still have Pokemon White 2 NDS with clean slate condition (No save data from previous owner) to be played normally.

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The only time I bought a retro game for more than like 10 bucks or so was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time last year for I wanna say 35 dollars (which is only arguably retro right now). Mostly because, to be fair, I've not bought a lot of retro games. Barring obviously official re-releases. I'd be hard pressed to think of retro games I'd go out of my way to buy for greater than that tbh.

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I bought Pokemon White 2 new at $350 and followed that up with Solatorobo: Red the Hunter which I think was at least $200. If I wouldn't have gotten Solatorobo out of England, its price would have been my limit. It released with extras in the states, so even used it was being priced around $500. The last retro game I bought was a double dip as I got a copy of Metroid Prime Hunters out of Japan. That cost nearly $200 for a new copy, easily the most I've spent on a double dip.

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With a few possible exceptions, I'm generally not willing to pay more for a game than its MSRP at launch.

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£350 for Waku Waku 7 and £150 fopr Metal Slug 3 on Neo Geo many years ago.
Exact figures I can't remember, but I also paid £100+ for Radiant Silvergun, Battle Garegga and Hyper Duel back in the day.

I sold my entire Neo collection for around £4000 some 18 years ago. Worked out the other day that it would have now bought me, outright, a decent mid-size family car.



I paid £145 for a boxed copy of Terranigma a few years back.

Also £180 for a copy of Zanac x Zanac on PS1 but that included trades.

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