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Hey guys!

This is Console Stackup and I am doing a series of educational videos on my favorite consoles of all time! The idea is to analyze every console's hardware, sales figures, standout titles, marketing techniques, and legal team to determine which console made the biggest impact on societal markets which affect us EVERYDAY!

Now, I know what you are thinking. "So what? Who cares? It has been done before."

Maybe. But to that I say, BAH-HUMBUG. My Love of consoles has lead me to do research, interviews, and scour legal and financial data from across the net and libraries of Cleveland to produce a web series designed to inform marketers, developers, and those simply interested of the history of gaming.

Here is a link to the FIRST NES video in the series which acts as an introduction to explain how the FAMICOM became the NES, which I think is super fascinating.


This is a passion of mine. I am using my love of games, my MBA, and my JD (I know...what a use of my education right?) to make these videos! I would love for nothing more than to get your feedback and provide an educational space to spark conversation concerning the rise of Nintendo.

The next video will be about the hardware. SO tech geeks that love the numbers, chipsets, and programming STUFF will find this enjoyable. CHEERS!

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Please don't create threads to advertise your videos.

You're free to add a link to your youtube channel in your signature instead.

Edit: also don't "bump" threads.

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