Topic: Donkey Kong Country 3- SNES vs. GBA Soundtrack

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I've been in the mood to revisit some of the songs from DKC3's soundtrack. Thing is though, for those who don't already know, there's actually two different soundtracks for this game, the GBA remake had a completely different soundtrack than the original SNES version. So I'm interested in this age old debate- which of the two is better?

As for me, I grew up with the GBA version, so obviously I like that one better, but even beyond nostalgia, the GBA version is just flat out better overall. The SNES version tries to be really dark and atmospheric and it comes off as really dull and trying too hard to be edgy. The GBA version, on the other hand, has a wider variety of tones and atmosphere and only tries to be dark when the situation calls for it. There are a few tracks I do like better in the SNES version (most notably Rockface Rumble), but in general I like the GBA version better.

So what about you? Which version do you prefer?

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