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Promo art has surfaced from a former DiC employee for unproduced animated segments for a “Super Mario Power Hour” that was never made. The segments would’ve been based off Castlevania, Metroid, Double Dragon, and California Games. Weirdly enough, no sign of Simon Belmont in the promo art for Castlevania instead it appears the protagonists for the segment would’ve been kids. Even weirder Samus for the segment was redesigned to be a guy!
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Yeah, DiC was definitely unaware that Samus is a woman. I do know that the instruction manual for Metroid on the NES referred to her as a man, so I think that's why. The Castlevania art is also pretty odd - did they not even play it to begin with?

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Considering the time, that was an honest mistake.

Nice >:]

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This is why it's better to just leave the games as games, and not make a show adaption
Imagine if this show actually came to fruition, still featuring a male samus

sometimes it be like it do

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Some people have been saying for a while that Nintendo was always in the background of the production of DiC's Mario, Zelda, and Captain N. Yoshi always acting like a baby long after being hatched, Koopa kid's with incorrect names, Link being an obnoxious jerk to everyone including Zelda, Calling Pit "Kid Icarus", Simon wearing aviator clothing with an oddly flamboyant attitude, and Megaman having a green suit with an annoying chain-smoker voice. They were the ones that made all those approvals according to the fans.

The image with Samus is full proof that never was the case and is made up by the fans of the shows to make them seem better than they actually were. I understand that DiC had to take some creative liberties, but they clearly based all the visual and character designs on poor research and just made up the rest. They most likely got instructions from Nintendo on what they should and should not do with each character, but only followed it very little during production. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they only did research from either the game's manual or within the game itself.


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