Topic: Appraising a Nintendo employee trophy from the 90s?

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I'm not sure if this is the place to ask, but it's worth a shot.

Some backstory: My mother worked for Nintendo (of America) in the early to late 90s, mostly in the New York/East coast area. She was a merchandiser in NYC, meaning she put together window displays in toy stores and things of that sort. Growing up, there was always Nintendo merchandise laying around the house that I never knew the exact origins of... but lately I've been wondering about one piece in particular.

During my mother's time at Nintendo, she was presented with several Merchandiser of the Year/Month awards, in the form of (bronze?) Mario trophies. I've seen two similar objects on Ebay, but none of them are identical to the ones I have. Mine have a black base, with a plaque detailing the year and award title. Attached to the base is a bronze Mario throwing up a peace sign.

Basically, these things have been sitting in my closet for years and I wanted to know if they're worth anything. The two on Ebay range from $4,500 to $15,000 so... that's not very useful to me. I'm hoping that someone on here can provide some insight or direct me towards someone who might be knowledgable about obscure items like this. I can provide pictures if desired.

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@unagi-san Something as obscure as that... no-one will have a 'right' answer for that. You can filter ebay searches to look at only sold items to see if any similar have sold before, which might give you some indication (if any have actually sold within the period ebay shows - improbable).

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Hey there! I'm assuming your mom made a post last night regarding these trophies....but I could be wrong. Write me an email with attached pictures if you are interested. I know a few collectors who could help with appraisal (including myself). Hope all is well!
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unagi-san wrote:

My mother worked for Nintendo (of America) in the early to late 90s

this is an honest to goodness "my ___ works at Nintendo" story, and it sincerely just makes me so happy ❤


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