Topic: Anyone remember when Ninty did promo VHS tapes?

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I’ve found a bunch of old promotional tapes in the loft, covering games in the Snes, N64 and GCN era. Starting to rip to my pc to see if I can clean up the footage. Some are close to 30 years old so that’s not an easy job! Thought some of you lovely lot might be interested to see them

Video #1: DKC: Behind the scenes (1994)
I got this from Match magazine (a footy mag) and it started my love affair with DKC. Probably watched it every day before Xmas ‘94 when Santa left the game in my stocking!

Video #2: N64 Pro preview (1997)
Given away with issue 1 of N64 Pro. As mags go this was one of the better N64 era publications although it did have a drastic overhaul after a year to try and appeal to a younger crowd. The tape shows off over a dozen games and was my first glimpse of some of the N64’s big hitters.

Video #3: NGC GameCube preview
Jumping another generation and VHS is still a good way to show off game footage! This came with issue 1 of NGC (formerly N64 Magazine) and had footage of many classic early cube titles, plus some that never made it to stores.

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I remember having the DKC one and a Starfox one years ago. I no longer have them though because when my parents upgraded to DVD they trade in all of our VHS movies including those two.

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I was a subscriber but somehow didn't get the Nintendo Power DKC video.
I do remember Blockbuster having a Yoshi's Island video (yes, it was a free rental. Good thing as I remember renting it and it was like five minutes long).



I think my mom was subscribed to a NES magazine for me, but we and later on just myself got magazines off store shelves.
I don't think I ever had VHS tapes from Nintendo. But I still have one for the SEGA Mega Drive, exhibiting titles like Alien 3, Sonic, Batman Returns, Lemmings, etc.
I don't remember if I even had trailer disks for Gamecube... There was an advertisement DVD, shaped like an elongated octagon, but I think that was for the computer, since it also had art animation, text-based previews and trailers for other consoles. It had a still preview for KOTOR, trailers for Red Dead Revolver, Second Sight, Paper Mario TTD (without music), Eternal Darkness, Luigi's Mansion, P.N.03, Rogue Squadron and Geist. Perhaps some others, but I can't remember them right now.

Another thing was the ads on the Ocarina of Time disk that came with Wind Waker.

As for knick-knacks I got from the magazines... I still have the FuSoYa base magnet on my fridge and my N64 cartridge stand is somewhere. And I have OoT-themed decals on my N64.


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I still remember those VHS tapes! I remember seeing the Donkey Kong Country one when I was very young, and I had ones for Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo-Kazooie, and Donkey Kong 64 (that one also had Jet Force Gemini). I don't really remember how I got them though, since we didn't have Nintendo Power until 2002. They were pretty much the Nintendo Directs of their time, only they'd cover like one or two games.

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I vaguely remember a Banjo Kazooie one as a kid that my friend had. Outside of showing the overworld, I don't remember anything about it though.

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