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Around Golden Week I spent some time travelling around Japan with my friend. We hit up several arcades in Tokyo and Osaka, and by far the coolest game I played was one called Starwing Paradox! It is like a Mecha-MOBA hybrid with elements of a flight sim thrown in. You pilot a mecha on a team with several other players or AI against another team and fight for control of map points. While you control a majority of points you can attack the opposing team's base. Both teams have drones flying at each other as well, happily marching to their deaths as cannon fodder. And because Japan, you get a cute anime girl as your support.

But what really blew me away was the machine itself! You control your mech with a joystick in each hand, and 2 foot pedals, you have a sub-screen to you your right that is a touch screen too. All of which is cool, but to top off the experience, the whole thing moves! As you control your mech on screen, the machines moves you around to match! Fans built in give some wind to match too!

The Game was apparently developed by Square Enix, with the anime style animation done by Sunrise, which has worked on Gundam before and it all shows and is very cool. Using an ID card you can get you can save your data and progress and unlocks and play on any machine in any arcade in Japan that happens to have it. As my friend found out, if you don't get the card, you always have to play the tutorial and only vs AI.

If you're in Japan, give it a go!

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