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I know this game is still in publication, but I haven’t played since the 90’s. Was just having a moment of nostalgia as I remembered some of the cards from Mirage like Phyrexian Dreadnaught. That sweet 12/12 Trample felt vicious as a kid. I used to walk up and down for three hours with a sandwich board (so old school!) advertising the pop culture shop. They paid me $15 and I immediately bought Magic cards with it, lol

Anyone have nice ‘Magic’ memories?



@NinChocolate Well, I've only ever played Magic twice with my older cousin and it was very fun. From what I remember I was once playing a white tiger deck, I only remember that deck because it looked cool, I think he won that round.

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I used to have a complete Unlimited set. I don't have those cards anymore, but it makes me wonder what price a mint Black Lotus commands these days? Never mind the Alpha or Beta versions as I never owned those sets.

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I never played this as it never really intrigued me, but a lot of my friends in high school did. We were on a big out-of-state trip once and they got a big game going with like 15-20 people playing that took hours. I borrowed some cards from one of my friends so I could play and had them tell me the rules as we went along. I came in second. Not sure how that happened, but that is my "Magic" memory.


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I used to buy Yu-Gi-Oh! cards out of those gacha machines that supermarkets have by their doors, and once or twice it spat out a Magic: the Gathering Card instead. That's my only exposure to the franchise (which in my head was a more "adult/inappropriate" card game, for whatever reason, lol).

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I haven't played since high school myself which is what most of my cards were. I know nowadays my cards wouldn't be allowed in gamed stuff like the original fire breathing potion card. I also had a bunch of the original Unholy Strength card with the flaming pentagram on it that they later removed from newer printings because it was too demonic.

I played it for awhile with my friends but I was way more into D&D then MtG.

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I played in school, that was best time. I didn`t have a lot of cards, but enough to play with friends



I've only played Magic on digital gaming, but I love the lore of it. It's all so sinister, full of god-like creatures that could wipe out universes in an instant. I like the bleakness of it all. I didn't really get to play Magic TCG as a kid as I was caught up in the Pokémon card craze.

The few Magic video games I've played, I enjoyed myself a lot. I think I probably liked Duels of the Planeswalkers games the most, probably the 2012 version? I can't really remember. But I did enjoy Magic Duels too. Really hated Magic the Gathering: Arena. I think the thing I love the most about those games is obviously the story campaign that explored the rich universe and the variety of creatures that drew me to MTG in the first place. I ended up having a lot of fun just exploring the different ways you could play the TCG, but tbh, most of my memory of that game is rather vague now. It's a shame Arena turned out the way it did, because I'd much rather have another single-player focused campaign like the older games. I know it's weird to want to play a TCG alone... but I just prefer single players more. I'm not nearly skilled enough in any game to win multiplayers, and that just wouldn't make for a very enjoyable experience for me.


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The types of card games I was exposed to was Yu-Gi-Oh, and Duel masters due to the anime being aired on mornings when I was younger. 😁

I've heard about Magic the gathering, as it IS the OG card game, but I haven't played it... even the online ones, though I would like to try it out sometime. 😀

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