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anybody else excited?

I will get it for PC in the next days.

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waiting for a pricedrop on switch


I'm keeping my hype reserved, but yeah, I'm getting it on X1X. 3 taught me to keep they hype checked.



It is on the list but I'll let the coworkers beta test it for me.

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Was going to post in the XBox thread, but since for some unknown reason we actually have a Just Cause 4 thread, I figured I'd post it here

I played around with it a little last night and I'm really impressed so far. The down side is the humor was heavily toned down from 3. I liked the kind of zany light hearted nature of some of it (but it also did heavy.) This one takes itself a bit more seriously, though you can still count on smart Bond-like quips from Rico. And it feels more "grounded" or "realistic" (I mean, other than the tornado generating machine and the grappling-parachute thing.... ) versus starting out in 3 with flying in, standing on an airplane wing with a rocket launcher taking out SAM batteries.) But the gameplay feels a lot tighter, and more importantly, more interesting landscape and grappling usage here than 3. And not a Di Ravello loudspeaker in sight... The open world stuff seems more interesting.

AI....needs some work still. One mission has you riding atop a truck. My AI companion, when hitting a checkpoint, drove the truck off the bridge....we landed in the grass....ok, he keeps going and tries to correct.... this is believable. Then instead of picking up the route, he instead drives AROUND the bridge, into the grass on the other side....and then into the river where it sinks and we fail. Thankfully checkpointing is generous so it wasn't a problem. At the end of that mission, there's a standoff. I won. Then waves of enemies keep coming, heat levels rise, giant cannon truck things start showing up....the waves keep coming and coming and I can't get away. Those are the bugs for far they're funny bugs more than frustrating bugs. But the actual play feels great, shooting feels a lot tighter. Grappling is as fun as ever, along with wingsuits and parachuting. Blowing up stuff is fun as ever. The open world is MAMMOTH. That's both good and bad. But you never go far without finding more to blow up

I like both games but this feels better put together than the recent Darksiders III. I daresay the gameplay is more fun than RDR2, despite that being a better presentation/story/experience.

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It has an experiment with a huge variety of new vehicles including military jets, helicopters, turbo-fuelled sports cars, and construction vehicles. Recently, I had bought this game from Instant Gaming store, as it is an Awesome game and awesome mechanics. I really like the story and plot.

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