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just currious about waht players of 4 Answer on this site think is the hardest Arms Fort in the game, you can also ask for help (i have beaten all at least on normal and many others probably have as well) for me, they are as follows:
1. Answerer
2. Spirit of Motherwill
3. Jet (the group of AF's owned by ORCA)
edit1: it'd also be cool to hear about ppl's favorite duals and hardest Arena match (i and likely many have beaten all arena matches if advise is nececarry)
for me, favorite duel in game :
Defend Line Ark mission (teaming up with White Glint against Otsdarva and CUBE) (not a order mach)
hardest Arena match:
by far, fighting CUBE's Fragile, the only way i ever beat him is by pushing him ofstage
second hardest: Wong Shao-Lung's Strix Quadraped

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